Hi There!
Welcome to my home on the web.
  • I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I currently reside in Manila, where my co-founder, my team and I have been building a startup since 2015.
  • I spend most of my time designing and building software. I’ve been doing it for 10 years as a hobby and a profession. When I'm not doing that I can be found playing football or the guitar to a mediocre standard.
  • Music, Animals and Comedy are things I enjoy a lot. I also have a strong affinity for Youtube, its creators and its content.
  • When it comes to interests, I have a tendency for breadth over depth (I know a little bit about lots of stuff), although I spend more time reading and learning about Web Software, Moral Philosophy & Building a Startup than other things.
  • I believe the internet has transformed the way we find, consume and update information, to an extent which is perhaps a generation from being fully understood and appreciated (Youtube & twitter being prime examples). I estimate that twitter is the single biggest environmental factor that has influenced who I have become as an adult
  • I believe the fact that billions of people are healthy, safe, and for the most part, not killing each other is historically speaking, a
    positive phenomenon
    near miracle which is underappreciated. I wrote about this here.
A common theme throughout my professional life has been that of using technology to achieve positive impact at scale. Here are the things I've built or helped build (Click a logo for more context)
This site exists for a few reasons:
  • To encourage me to write more.
  • To share knowledge and content I think will provide value to people.
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